PUBLICATION       2017      

Data Maintenance: On Ecologies of Labor,” Ecologies of Data Series


Staging Professionalization: Lecture-Performances and Para-Institutional Pedagogies, From the Postwar to the Present,” Performance Research Journal, “On Radical Education” Special Issue


Kathryn Andrews, Michael Robinson, and IN>TIME Festival, Art in America


Present Tense Pamphlets, co-edited with Danny Snelson, Northwestern University and Block Museum of Art


Radio Armenia, with Sona Hakopian


7CV: A Critical Reader to Accompany Tan Lin’s Seven Controlled Vocabularies, co-edited with Danny Snelson, with Chris Cuellar, Eddie Hopely, and Sueyeun Juliette Lee


Semiospectacle Catalogue, Columbia University and Performance Space 122


Beauty Secrets of Margarita Morozova, Persephassa Small Press

LECTURE       2017      

Performing Invisibility in Public: Queer Opacity in Andy Warhol’s Thirteen Most Wanted Men (1964) and Lecture Tour (1967),” Art in Public Life/The Public Life of Art Symposium, Yale University


Mobile Pedagogy Units: Video Tutorials, Lecture-Performances, and Hito Steyerl’s Didactic Educational .MOV Files,” Ordinary Media Series at Northwestern University, and SCMS


“Para-Institutional Pedagogies, From the Postwar to the Present,” The School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Post-Digital Poetics,” with Danny Snelson, Bruce High Quality Foundation University


Gilded Rot Recut,” with Danny Snelson, AUX Performance Space and the University of Pennsylvania


Card Catalog,” Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

PERFORMANCE       2017      

“Lenin Is Always With Us,” Ambiguity Forum, Renaissance Society


Systems Say What Words Cannot,” with Research Service, Judson Memorial Church


If Your Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me,” with Research Service, Lisa Cooley Gallery


No Results Found,” with Research Service, Palais de Tokyo


Zero for Conduit,” with Research Service, The Drawing Center


The Lives of Things,” with Research Service and Sreshta Rit Premnath, Moore College of Art & Design


Report on a Day’s Proceedings at the Initiative for Directed Coopetition,” with Research Service, University of Pennsylvania


Unsearchable,” with Research Service, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia


Semiospectacle No. 2, co-curated with Danny Snelson, IRT Theater


Semiospectacle, Performance Space 122

MEDIA       2017      

Gilded Rot Redux,” with Danny Snelson, Public Access Gallery


Vulnerable Systems: A Screening of Video Works,” co-curated with Jeanne Dreskin and Roksana Filipowska, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia


Teleconference,” with Research Service, New Museum VOICE Registers Series


The Vanity Cases Nos. 1 & 2