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With Avi Alpert and Danny Snelson
Palais de Tokyo
In conjunction with Eternal Flame
Organized by Thomas Hirschhorn
May 23, 2014

This performance expands the scope of our earlier project, Unsearchable, to include the theme of the untranslatable and questions of presence and production around which the exhibition is structured. It culminates in a Q&Q session, conducted in English and Google Translated French with digital avatars of Research Service members.

Eternal Flame website:
Eternal Flame Journal #30:

About  Eternal Flame:

“This piece is open in its form, accessible and free, thereby creating an authentic public space inside the institution made available to a non-exclusive audience, welcoming art-lovers as much as those who do not have a particular inclination towards the aesthetic. Thomas Hirschhorn considers ‘Eternal Flame’ as his own temporary studio, like a welcome center for intellectuals who are left free to consider their intervention or their mere presence outside of any obligation towards the institution to engage in ‘cultural moderation.’”

From the Q&Q Session:

Je suis intéressé par la manière dont tous ceux qui restent assis peut comprendre le programme dans le réseau des associations faites tout au long de la conférence. Par programme-bien sûr, je veux dire non seulement la propriété de calcul à exécuter, mais le calendrier de la parole ou l’ordre des discours qui se réalise par un programme de l’événement d’exposition (ou, dans ce cas, je suppose, d’une durée de non-programmation) . S’il vous plaît porter notre temps vécu, ici et maintenant, à la suite d’instructions qui définissent le fichier exécutable.