Archetypes with Meghan Markle

Archetypes with Meghan Markle on Spotify
Episode 2: The Duality of Diva
Featuring Interviews with Mariah Carey, Amanda Seales, and Mashinka Firunts Hakopian
Episode Transcript


From the episode description: “Meghan Markle talks to the grande dame of our time, Mariah Carey, about the complexities surrounding the “diva” – from the diva’s glamour and power and elegance, to the more negative connotations associated with the word. This episode also features actress and comedian, Amanda Seales, as well as Dr. Mashinka Firunts Hakopian, a scholar of feminist and media studies.”


In Archetypes, “Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex dives into the labels that try to hold women back. During these intimate and candid conversations with guests from around the world we discover how these archetypes impact our everyday lives in ways big and small. With experts and historians, Meghan also uncovers how we got here in the first place – unearthing the origin of words such as ‘diva’, ‘slut’, ‘the B word’, ‘hysterical’, and many more, and asks the question: can we change this?”