Mashinka Firunts currently resides in Philadelphia, where she is a PhD candidate in the University of Pennsylvania's History of Art PhD program. Her research focuses on performativity and the mediation of knowledge. She is a member of the performance collective Research Service, with Danny Snelson and Avi Alpert.

PhD, History of Art, University of Pennsylvania, Expected 2017
MA, Modern Art: Curatorial Studies, Columbia University, 2010
BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, UC Berkeley, 2007


Book, Radio Armenia
     With Sona Hakopian
     Make Now, Los Angeles, 2014 (Forthcoming)

Press, "Itself Not So"
     The New Yorker, August 2014

Press, "Itself Not So at Lisa Cooley"
     Samuel Draxler, New York Performance Artists Collective
     August 18, 2014

Press, "Lisa Cooley Displays Itself Not So"
     Karen Rosenberg, New York Times, August 14, 2014

Performance, "If Your Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me"
     A Collaboration with Avi Alpert & Danny Snelson
     With Lanny Jordan Jackson
     In conjunction with the exhibition Itself Not So
     Curated by Rachel Valinsky
     Lisa Cooley Gallery, August 28, 2014

Sound, "Teleconference"
     A Collaboration with Avi Alpert & Danny Snelson
     In conjunction with the New Museum R&D Season on Voice
     New Museum VOICE Registers Series, 2014

Bibliography, Excursus I-IV Catalog
     Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, 2014

Performance, "No Results Found"
     A Collaboration with Avi Alpert & Danny Snelson
     In Conjunction with Thomas Hirschhorn's exhibition,
     Eternal Flame
     Palais de Tokyo, Paris, May 23, 2014

Discussion, "F.T. and B.I.G."
     Coffee & Conversation Series
     In conjunction with the exhibition Ruffneck Constructivists
     curated by Kara Walker
     Institute of Contemporary Art, PA, April 13, 2014

Performance, "Preliminary Materials Toward a Theory of the
Grand Duchess"
     In conjunction with the exhibition 89plus: Poetry Will Be Made
     By All!

     LUMA Foundation, Zurich, January 30, 2014

Performance, "The Lives of Things"
     A Collaboration with Avi Alpert & Danny Snelson
     In Conjunction with the Launch for Shifter #21, Other Spaces
     Moore College of Art & Design, PA, November 20, 2013

Discussion, "Jason Rhoades: American Artist"
     Coffee & Conversation Series
     Institute of Contemporary Art, PA, October 6, 2013

Performance, "Inventory"
     In "Some Transliterations"
     Little Berlin Exhibition Space, PA, September 21, 2013

Presentation, "Card Catalog/Data Formats"
     A Collaboration with Danny Snelson
     In Conjunction with Excursus IV, Curated by Alex Klein &
     Primary Information/James Hoff and Miriam Katzeff
     Institute of Contemporary Art, PA, June 2, 2013

Performance, "Zero for Conduit"
     A Collaboration with Avi Alpert & Danny Snelson
     Curated by Kaegan Sparks
     Drawing Center, NY, May 10, 2013


Co-Editor, 7CV Critical Reader
     Edit Publications, 2010

Contributing Author, Selected Essays About a Bibliography
     Edit Publications, 2010

Author, Beauty Secrets of Margarita Morozova
     With Introduction by Guy Maddin
     Ed. Roxanne Carter
     Persephassa Press, 2005


Performance, "Gilded Rot Recut"
     A Collaboration with Danny Snelson
     Second Saturdays Series, Curated by Kelsey Halliday Johnson
     AUX Performance Space at Vox Populi, PA, June 8, 2013

Performance, "The Lady Vanishes"
     Segue Reading Series
     Curated by Andy Sterling & Lanny Jordan Jackson
     Zinc Bar, NY, April 27, 2013

Presentation, "Gilded Rot Recut: Splicing the Lost Reels of Shub and Eisenstein"
     A Collaboration with Danny Snelson
     Snippets, Splinters, Shreds, Shards:
     The Fragment in Russian Culture

     Slavics Without Borders Conference
     University of Pennsylvania, March 22, 2013

Performance, "Report on a Day's Proceedings at the Initiative for Directed Coopetition"
     A Collaboration with Avi Alpert & Danny Snelson
     Intimate Collaborations Conference
     University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, January 18, 2013

Performance/Panel Discussion, "Everyone's A Critic"
     A Collaboration with Jeremy Barker & Andy Horwitz
     Commissioned by On the Boards Festival
     Prelude Festival, CUNY Graduate Center, NY October 4, 2012

     Principal Hand Series, L'Etage, PA
     L'Etage, Philadelphia, September 27, 2012

Performance, Unsearchable
     A Collaboration with Avi Alpert & Danny Snelson
     Machete Group Series
     Institute of Contemporary Art, PA, May 23, 2012

Presentation, Parlor Lecture, Semiospectacle No 2
     In Collaboration with Danny Snelson
     IRT, NYC, 2011

Performance, Noise! 2010
     Ontological-Hysteric Theater, NYC, 2010

Invited Speaker, Panel Discussion
     On Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions

     Dumbo Arts Festival, NYC, 2010

Performance, Vaginal Davis is Speaking from the Diaphragm
     Performance Space 122, NYC, 2010

Presentation, Edit: Performing Networked Publishing
     Kelly Writers House
     University of Pennsylvania, 2010

Presentation, Anxieties of Overexposure
     National Graduate Student Conference on Performance
     University of California, Los Angeles, 2010

Performance, Semiospectacle: A Literary Revue
     Performance Space 122, NYC, 2010

Presentation, Columbia University Seminar Symposium
     With J. Millard
     The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, 2009

Performance, Boog City Poet's Theater
     Boog City Festival, Sidewalk Cafe, NYC, 2009

Presentation, Praxis of Pedagogy Conference
     CUNY Graduate Center, NYC, 2009

Presentation, Radical Intersections
     Conference on Performance Across Disciplines
     Northwestern University, Evanston, 2009

Performance, Dada Dollhouse at Worth Ryder Gallery
     UC Berkeley Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, 2006

Presentation, Face to Face with the Slavs
     UCLA Conference on Slavic Studies
     University of California, Los Angeles, 2006


Our Literal Speed: Doing Things with Words in the Vicinity of Art, 2012

Thirty Years After the End of Art & Articles:
     A Conversation with DISBAND, 2012

EOAGH, issue 6, ed. Tan Lin, 2011

"Talking to Annie Dorsen",, 2011

"Dynasty Handbag's 'Brothers & Sisters & Motherfuckers
     at Performance Space 122", 2010

Dramaturgical Statement, Prelude Festival Catalog
     CUNY Graduate Center, 2010

Staff Writer, IRWaG Biannual Publication
     Institute for Research on Women and Gender
     Columbia University, 2009-2010

Curatorial Statement, Semiospectacle Catalog
     Columbia University, 2010

Vagabond, issue 3
     UC Berkeley Multilingual Literary Journal, 2007

Faultlines, volume v, issue 1
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Co-curator, Semiospectacle No 2
     Co-curated with Danny Snelson
     IRT, NYC, 2011

Dramaturg, Prelude Festival 10
     CUNY Graduate Center, NYC, 2010

Line Producer, Wooster Group's Avant-Garde-Arama!
     Performance Space 122, NYC, 2010

Curator, Semiospectacle: A Literary Revue
     Performance Space 122, NYC, 2010

Co-curator, Guy Maddin: Digital Film Stills
     Co-curated with Michael Rababy
     The Arsenal, Los Angeles, 2005

Co-curator, The Social (May)
     Co-curated with Michael Rababy
     The Arsenal, Los Angeles, 2005

Co-curator, The Social (March)
     Co-curated with Michael Rababy
     The Arsenal, Los Angeles, 2005


Project Affiliate, GAPSA-Provost Fellowship for Interdisciplinary
     With Avi Alpert and Danny Snelson
     University of Pennsylvania, 2013

Undergraduate Research Grant
     UC Berkeley Center for Race & Gender, 2006


Jennifer Burris, "Guest Post: Q&Q"
     ICA Miranda Blog, July, 2, 2012

Nicola Trethowan, The Cosmological Cosmetics Regimen: Metamorphosis and Monolingualism in the Text of Identity
     Undergraduate Thesis
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